Zelda Tortomaton

Build your own moving mini Zelva tortomaton*, brought to you in association with Beverley Puppet Festival.

Download the free plans and follow along with the instructional video. This project was commissioned in 2020, during the lockdown.

The project is suitable for adults and older, supervised children.  Please take care when using tools.

Template 1 (head and small linkages)

Template 2 (turntable)

Template 3 (base plate)

Template 4 (shell doorways)

IMPORTANT – When printing the templates, make sure that your printer is set to “actual size” not “fit on page”, to ensure that your templates are the correct size.  You can check this by measuring the “L Bracket” on Template 1, which should be 128.5mm long when printed.

Zelda tortomaton

*Free for personal use.  Please contact us for commercial licensing or use in schools, organisations, workshops, etc.